Big Bang TV Comes to us

Big Bang TV will be on air sponsored by Olleh Market and Olleh TV of KT.Co.

The service will show us daily life of Korean Pop Star Big Bang and ‘2011 BIG SHOW’raised the subject last February.

KT reported that the Big Bang TV can give many fans Big Bang's concert and general life through Olleh Market( and Olleh TV simultaneously on April 12.

Through the service, many fans expects that they can take a look “2011 BIG SHOW”, Dance practice, Recording, Concert Preparation of Big Bang, so that the fans can enjoy to see the variety aspects of Big Bang.

Especially, 5 songs of Big Bang, released on “2011 BIG SHOW”, will offer with live concert on the service, so that Big Bang's fan seems to be get a great pleasure.

The way of watch the Big Bang TV is confirmation the “BIGBANG TV”in the menu of video in Olleh Market and 'Today's Recommended menus' in Olleh TV.

Olleh Market is holding and servicing more than 440,000 total contents or applications including music, video, E-book through cell phone, personal PC, Tablet PC, IPTV, etc.

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