JYJ World Tour Beijing Concert

Resounding success in Thailand and Taiwan have completed a concert tour in the world JYJ (Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu) in the field of Asian fans once again excited to be invited in Beijing, China.
JYJ On Saturday the following May 7, Beijing syaohttuji 19:00 30 minutes in the gym 'JYJ World Tour Concert 2011' to be held.

JYJ ahead of the Beijing Concert "last November, the World Wide Showcase held in Shanghai, China within 6 months after the very seolrenda fans to meet. The concert held in Beijing, Busan, except for a concert last concert because the region is extraordinary significance. JYJ unshakable image of the firm can show you I'll make the best of the concert. "he said, the said determination.

JYJ while catching his breath after a concert in Beijing, went back, starting in Vancouver, Canada May 20 concert in the U.S. is planning to accelerate the preparation.

JYJ World Tour Concert in the region of Dental Technology, in charge of the total production ready now, with the remaining concerts on the domestic drama is under review, from mid-June that Junsu musical Mozart! 'performances are at.

The MBC drama 'Ripley' shoot one thousand and two appearances in the heat of the bakyu KBS 2TV drama 'Center, the scandal of the DVD of the popular DVD and CD sales, the Japanese point cheutaya (Tsutaya) gives rise to popularity in the blast, the undying popularity of Asian JYJ JYJ realize the popularity of the habitat is not.

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