Korean band FT Island, entered Japanese performances Mecca "Mudokan"

FT Island (FT ISLAND) was confirmed a concert coming on July 29 at the Nippon Budokan.

This fact was announced at the event of new single "SATISFACTION" commemorating the release of the last 23 April held in Zepp Tokyo.

The Day event showcased a total of three songs from the new song  including "SATISFACTION".
FT Island also announced that they will hold the  national tour 'FTISLAND Tour 2011 Summer "Messenger", including the first Budokan concert.

They will be performed five times four cities starting June 29 in Zepp Nagoya, and Zepp Osaka 2 July, Zepp Tokyo 6 July, Zepp Fukuoka 8 July, and finally 29th Tour Final Nippon Budokan.

Budokan concert performances in Japan is the essential step for the Tokyo Dome performance. Tokyo Dome concert are available at the box office success in Budokan.

It is recognized as a succeeded singer or skilled musician, if a singer succeed in the Budokan concert. So Budokan can be considered sacred place in the music industry.

Budokan concert is a much symbolism. So many global stars performed at Budokan, such as Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, etc., and Korean pop star Dong-Bang-Shin-Ki, Big Bang, and Korean movie star Park Yong-ha, Ryu Si-won, etc.

FT Island's fourth single album 'SATISFACTION' was ranked the Oricon chart single daily ranking 4, in the April 23.

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