Korean Pop Group "INFINITE", 'Bright concept Idol'

Korean Pop Group "INFINITE"(the members are Kim Sung-gyu, Chang Dong-woo, Nam Woo-hyun, Hoya, Lee Seong-yeol, El, Lee Seong-jong) performed with their hit song 'nothing's over' in Myeongbo Art Hall, Seoul, Korea.

Myeongbo Art Hall MTV Networks Korea held the new concept music show 'MTV, The Show' (The MCs of the Show are Luna and jeonhyoseong) broadcast of the recording, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea at 7 pm on April 26.

15 famous Korean singer Teams including the MCs of the Show, Luna and jeonhyoseong, performed at 'The Show' brilliantly in the day: F(x), 4minute, U-KISS, Block B, RaNia, RAINBOW, Nobrain, Clover, Handsome People, CHI CHI, Brave Girls, Tony Ahn, Ali, INFINITE, etc.

'The Show' that MTV Korea arranged ambitiously is a new type of music show  and 'The Show' has a different theme and decorate a colorful scene every weeks.

The audience of 'The Show' could meet many of hot singer and super rookies, and singer come back.

Furthermore, 'The Show' will introduce lots of songs and singers of entire Asia countries using 'MTV Asian Music Chart' and 'Special Unit'. It seems to be that many music fans satisfied through those variety program.

'The Show' that released entire Asian countries is broadcasting every Friday at 7:30 P.M through global MTV channel network.

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