Korean soap opera "The best love", the best actors' hot fashion items

The main actress Kong Hyo-jin of the Korean soap opera "The best love" receives attention of fashion Industry in Korea as named "Ku Ae-jung Fashion".

"The best love" is a genre of romantic comedy about love affair between two artists: the best actor Dok Goh-jin, favorless artist Ku Ae-jung.

Kong Hyo-jin is famous of her good fashion sense in movie industry, and catchs people's eyes who are interested in new fashion trend.

Kong Hyo-jin showed her new style with simple T shirt, maxiskirt and leggings last air.

All the products that Dok Goh-jin wore are Swarovski's, but all them are hard to find anywhere, even on the Swarovski's main website.

Swarovski ICONIC RING, Swarovski ADVENTUROUS PIRATE RING, Swarovski D’light are them, 

and if you wanna buy the same or similar jewelries that was used by  Dok Goh-jin, you may visit blow.

The ring     : There's no same product anywhere but similar in Amazon.com  
The watch : You may buy on the Swarovski's main website.

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  1. Where can i buy the jewelries that was used by dokko jin??


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