KPOP frenzy, performing throughout Europe, urging protests

The European K-Pop fans has held demonstrations to ask for additional performances throughout Europe when the K-Pop performances tickets are sold out.

The tickets of performance by KPOP singer Held in Paris in June following, were sold out in the 10-minute and the event showed to be a hot trend among European. The fans who did not get a ticket requires additional performances throughout Europe, and staged a protest.

In the Louvre Museum Square in France, KPOP fans flooded with the wearing the Korean flag performancing KPOP dance sing along song called KPOP performances, and they are held demonstrations.
The K-pop singer of performance will be Korean famous girl group, "Girls Generation(in Korean So-Nyo-Si-Dae), SHINee, etc.

One Franch fan said, "All of us is a fan, we can not miss this opportunity, please concerts in France, 2nd. Half of us do not have the seats and can not see the concert. Please open it again."

European K-Pop fans, as well as France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland and throughout Europe, staged a protest at the same time.

In France, the tickets are on sale on the Internet than tenfold over, and Tumors are also on sale, therefore the organization of the K-pop performance is considering additional performances in Europe.

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