Maroon 5 Korea concert, 10 thousand Korean fans were in a fever

Maroon 5 had a performance in Korea on April 25. It was sponsored by Hyundai Card named
"Hyndai Card Super Concert 14- Maroon 5 in Korea" and held in Olympic Gymnasium of Olympic Park, Seoul, Korea. The first concert of Maroon 5 in Korea was held in 2008.

The openning song was the 'Misery', the title song of their new album, and 10 thousand Korean fans welcomed with hot shout.

Maroon 5 sang "Won't Go Home Without You", "If I Never See Your Face A gain", "Give A Little More", "The Sun", etc.

They sometimes say hello in Korean such as "안녕하세요", "감사합니다", "기분좋아요?", etc. And they also said "Korean fans are the best and wonderful we've ever met."

The highlight of the concert was "She Will Be Loved". As soon as they sang the song, Korean fans prepared the event that they flew paper airplanes into the stage.

And they sang their songs: "Wake Up Call", "This Love", "Sweetest Goodbye", "Hands All Over", "Makes Me Wonder", "Sunday Morning".

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