Dae-sung, a member of Big Bang, involved in car accident: Police Concludes the death by Dae-sung

Dae-sung, a member of Big Bang, involved in car accident: Police Concludes the death by Dae-sung

Korea's national crime lab has concluded that Big Bang member Daesung 's car was the only vehicle that hit a motorcyclist who died from an accident the idol star was involved in three weeks ago.

Police had originally suspected that it was a hit-and-run accident from which the motorcyclist, identified only by his last name Hyun, was on the ground and bleeding from and then Daesung, failing to see Hyun and a taxi that had stopped to take care of him, had run into them on May 31.

On June 24th, the Seoul, Youngdeungpo police revealed, “Hyun, the deceased motorcyclist involved in Daesung’s car accident, died from Daesung’s collision. As a result, the police will be making a dispatch to charge him without detention.”

On this day, the Youngdeungpo police held a press conference revealing their investigations and confirmed that there was only a 132-second window between the first accident and the collision with Daesung’s car.

With confirmation that Hyun was killed by Daesung’s car, what Daesung will be charged for is currently unknown. The law states that he could be jailed for under five years, or pay a penalty of $20,000 USD.

Daesung, 22, is a member of Big Bang which is currently one of the most popular boy bands in Korea since their debut in 2006.

Big Bang have also led a successful career in Japan since their debut there in 2009, most recently topping the prestigious Oricon daily chart with their second full-length Japanese album "BIGBANG 2".

They have been in Korea since late May, after wrapping up a two-week long tour in Japan to promote the release.

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