K-Pop related shares jump up, SM Entertainment Co. Ltd., (041510: KS) expected global growth

K-Pop related shares jump up, SM Entertainment Co. Ltd., (041510: KS) expected global growth

The stock prices of Korean pop entertainment companies jumped up because of the fever of Korean pop idol groups in Europe. SM Entertainment Co. Ltd., (041510: KS) is the company that Girls Generation(So-Nyo-Si-Dae, 소녀시대), Tong Vfang Xien Qi(TVXQ, Dong-Bang-Shin-Gi, 동방신기), Super Junior(Syu-Per-Jyu-Ni-Er, 슈퍼쥬니어) are work in the company, and the stock price rose 3.24%(19,100 won). It is market expectations of global growth of SM Entertainment through the success of the joint concert of SM family in Europe.

The prospect of the Second Korean Wave: more than 14,000 Korean pop fans from France, Spain, and Italy gathered to see the concert of SM family had positive impact on the stock price of SM. Furthermore, the other Korean entertainment related companies are revaluating in the stock market with growth and profitability.

JYP Entertainment Co. Ltd.(035900: KS)’s shares closed up nearly 15%(3,230 Won) in Kosdaq, Seoul after the SM family concert in Europe. JYP Entertainment is the company that 2PM, 2AM, and WonderGirls are work in. YG Entertainment(Big Bang, 2NE1) will be listed in the stock market in the close future, so that it is expected the Romance of the Three Kingdoms in the Kosdaq market.

A manager of Daewoo Securities Co., Ltd., said "The popularity of K-pop was already recognized in Asia and America even before the Europe Concert, and this spreads to SNS through U-tube and facebook, etc." And she also said "K-pop had limitations because of narrow domestic market, but the possibility in Europe have positive effect in K-pop because of growth through development of the new market."

According to KOREA CREATIVE CONTENT AGENCY, the scope of the global music market was estimated in 2009: 33.9% in Europe, 27.1% in North America, and 21.7% in Japan.

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