Lee Soo-man, the President of SM Entertainment. Co, "The age of 'Made by SM' revolution is down the pike"

Lee Soo-man, the President of SM Entertainment. Co, "The age of 'Made by SM' revolution is down the pike"

Lee Soo-man, the President of SM Entertainment. Co, explained about Korean pop wave throughout the world that it thanks to stacked up CT(Culture Technology) for more than 10 years.

Lee Soo-man participated in 2011 SM TOWN in Paris Writers & Publishers Conference with American producers and European composers in  Marriott Rive Gauche in Paris, June 11.

Lee Soo-man said "The reason that the music of SM. Co. is recognized as the best in the world is SM have challenged not IT but CT after 90's. CT is more complexable solution than IT."
President Lee Soo-man made the technical term 'CT(Culture Technology)' himself for disentangling with the term 'IT' when SM advanced to Asian music markets. 

He emphasized that IT technology can be acquired within 3 months but CT is not. He also said "SM makes the best use of theorized and systematized CT, not just simple sense. The process of the trainning time for over 3~7 years is CT to make trainee of singers the best  jewels."

SM selects trainees in Korea, and also Thailand, Malaysia, and Canada through global audition. And then, the trainees will be simulated their appearances and voices that must be changed in 3~7 years later. 

And after, they must pass the SM's unique trainning system named 'In House Trainning'. If they pass the system, they can debut as a singer formally at last. The CT includes all kinds of know-how of music, dance, making music video, and make-up, etc.

President Lee Soo-man also said "The 3 steps of CT is to share the value added through glocalization together and this is the final aim of Korean Wave." 

And he added that SM plans to the New Korean Wave in China. 'Super Junior M' will be debut and take in activity in only China, and a Chinese member will join in the Korean girl group F(x).

President Lee Soo-man emphasized that "The most important thing of the 3 steps of CT is come together with CT of SM. SM will ready beforehand new big market, and it will come from not 'Made In' but 'Made By'. It is very important thing."

When he finished the speech, 70 European music concerned persons gave him a standing ovation.

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