Band audition KBS 'Top Band', alarm to the Korean music industry and broadcast

Band audition KBS 'Top Band', alarm to the Korean music industry and broadcast

KBS 'Top Band', the first Korean band audition program for general public, was formed 24 teams in earnest competition.

24 finalist teams of Top Band will organize a group with 6 coaches, Kim Do-gyun(김도균), the main guitarist of the rock band “Baekdusan(백두산)”, Shin Dae-cheol (신대철) of Sinawi(시나위), drumer Nam Goong-yon(남궁연), Chung Won-young(정원영), Nobrain(노브레인), Cherry Filter(체리필터), each other.

More than 660 teams participated in the first preliminary, and scramble for position was held for three days. And the people who led the heyday of the local band took part in coaching.

The selection of the team will be the way of choice not by coaching staff but band participated. In KBS annex International Conference located Yeouido in Seoul, Top Band press conference was held on July 15. Kim Yong-gook, the Director of Liberal Arts Preview of KBS, said "The concept of the Top Band program is dedication to the community and care for others."

Shin Dae-cheol, one of the coach of Top Band, said "I'm really glad to join the Top Band. I think that all these people will succeed." Nam Goong-yon, another coach of Top Band, said "'Super Star K' is the contest for vocals only, and 'I am the singer is' is with accompanist and arranger. 'Top Band' is the last of the completion audition program because everything's composed in it."

Band music haven't been attracted by any music program or broadcast until now so that Top Band has been evaluated it makes music fans forgotten about band musics allow to have interest.

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