Big Bang member G-Dragon, Alone to Japan, Why?

Big Bang member G-Dragon, Alone to Japan, Why?

Big Bang member G-Dragon took a plane to go Japan in the strictest secrecy.

According to the people concerned of Korean pop, G-Dragon has arrived at Haneda Airport in Tokyo by Japan Ana Airlines business side. G-Dragon has used the Japanese airline because he was nervous gaze of others but others looked, because he was wearing a distinctive fashion.

A person concerned of Korean pop said "I have found a person who wearing an unusual fashion in business seats. When I looked him afar, he was like a star. But in the close, he was G-Dragon. In business seats, there's hardly anyone Korea so that he seems to be freed."

A staff of YG Ent said "G-Dragon noticed to the company about it and departed to Japan with his manager last week in order to collect data of songs. He met with Japanese composer and exchanged opinions on music. He returned as soon as completing his work. Except for Dae-sung, all Big Bang members are preparing a solo album. If any member's record work complete in the first instance, the music will be released at first."

G-Dragon appeared in 'Infinite Challenge- Festival of the West Coast Expressway' with Park Myong-soo and get a popularity singing 'Play with love'. Especially, the song 'Play with love' swept on the music charts. But the team activities of Big Bang are depressed because of the member Dae-sung's car accident.

On the other hand, flashmob event was held in the UK to require performance of YG Entertainment singers in the UK, Big Bang and 2NE1, etc. This event took place in Trafalgar Square, a local landmark, Golden Jubilee Bridge, River Thames, London Eye, the Korean Cultural Centre UK, moving on the local landmarks on July 9. More than 300 Young fans in Europe falling in K-POP gathered those local landmarks.

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