The drama starring Yoon Sang-hyun do succeed in Japan unconditionally?

The drama starring Yoon Sang-hyun do succeed in Japan unconditionally?

All the dramas starring Korean actor Yoon Sang-hyun(윤상현/ 尹相鉉) has become popular in Japan.

The Korean drama "My Fair Lady(A-Ga-Ssi-Rul-Bu-Tak-Hae/ 아가씨를 부탁해)" starring Yoon Sang-hyun has been broadcasting through land-based television service TBS's "Korean Wave Select" from July 5. This drama is very popular in Japan and ranked 1st as top search ranking in Japanese portal site "Nifty".

All the dramas starring Yoon Sang-hyun enjoyed great popularity in Japan such as 'Winter Bird(Kyo-Ul-Sae/ 겨울새), 'Queen of Housewives(Nae-Jo-Ui-Yeo-Wang/ 내조의 여왕), Secret Garden, and 'My Fair Lady' as well. Yoon Sang-hyun has received the praise for acting with popularity of dramas.

Yoon Sang-hyun has done activities as a singer in Japan originally so that this is special thing that he gets popularity as an actor in Japan.

Yoon Sang-hyun held the event of the third single album 'Summer Eyes' release celebrations in Akasaka(赤坂) square in Tokyo on June 10. More than 2,000 Japanese fans gathered in Akasaka(赤坂) square to see the celebration event in a moment.

MGB Entertainment, the agency of Yoon Sang-hyun, said "Yoon Sang-hyun has activities as a singer rather than an actor in Japan. Nevertheless, It is very surprising and thankful that Japanese fans give their attention and love of Yoon Sang-hyun appeared dramas. Broadcast and media in Japan show a lot of expectation about Yoon Sang-hyun's future activities in Japan. The Korean Wave from Yoon Sang-hyun in Japan is getting a hot response than expected."

Yoon Sang-hyun was taken photos by Japanese and Hong Kong tourists when he visited Swiss as qualified civilian ambassadors of Switzerland thesedays.

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