Hyo-min, a member of T-Ara, to cast for new drama "Gye-Baek": the first challenge to historical drama

Hyo-min, a member of T-Ara, to cast for new drama "Gye-Baek": the first challenge to historical drama

Hyo-min, a member of T-Ara, has been casted for the MBC's new Korean historical drama "Gye-Baek(계백/ 階伯)".

According the a staff of MBC drama, Hyo-min will play as the role of a heroine 'Cho Young' in Gyebaek, and this is the first challenge of a Korean historical drama since her debut.

Cho Young is Gye-Baek's wife and live together with him until they die. She looks like seemingly as a naughty and freely, but is always bright and cheerful and does not lose positive nature even if faces in difficult situations. And she also has a slight eccentricity and sense of humor.

But she is a thoughtful woman hiding fiery love toward Gye-Baek and fiery love deep inside. When she was young, Eun Go took her and she grows like a little sister of Eun Go. But after her growth, Eun Go turned coldly, and conflicts would be happen between Cho Young and Eun Go.

Hyo-min has experience to appear as a cameo in SBS drama 'Giant(자이언트)', and as a role of Ban Sun Nyeo(반선녀) in SBS drama 'My Girlfriend is Gumiho(내 여자친구는 구미호)'.

On the other hand, Gye-Baek is a special planning Drama made ​​to refocus on Gye-Baek as a human who was a general having a huge ability in the late of Baek Je times.

The casted actors are: Lee Seo Jin as General Gyebaek, Jo Jae Hyun as King Euija, un Noh Min as General Sung Choong, Cha In Pyo as Moo Jin (Gye Baek's father), Kim Yoo Suk as Heung Soo, Park Yoo Hwan as Chul Yeon, and more.

Gyebaek (died 660) was a general in the ancient Korean kingdom of Baekje during the early to mid 7th century.

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