Infinite Challenge Pop Festival to release Special tracks

Infinite Challenge Pop Festival to release Special tracks

The special version of 'Pop Festival of the West Coast Expressway(Seo-Hae-An-Go-Sok-Do-Ro-Ga-Yo-Je/ 서해안 고속도로 가요제)' of MBC TV 'Infinite Challenge(Mu-Han-Do-Jeon/ 무한도전)' is getting hot reaction and the Special tracks release collect public interests.

Kim Tae-ho PD, the director of Infinite Challenge, had delivered the news on Twitter at 5:00 PM, "There are many fans who wonder about the Special tracks. The dance version special tracks 'As saying' and 'The song I can sing only' will be released on this coming Wednesday."

And Gil, the member of Infinite Challenge and Korean hip hop singer, also said "There are remix version of 'As saying' and 'The song I can sing only'. This is the hidden secret of the bonus track."

The reaction of the netizen was "It was not just interesting but real impression itself.", "Are there Chap-SSal-DDuck sound track?", etc.

After broadcasting of Infinite Challenge Pop Festival to release Special tracks, all the songs of the sound tracks are sweeping the top of the main real-time music charts: Mellon, Bugs Music, and Dosirak, etc.

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