JYJ Overseas Fans Submitting Petition "Confidence Falling of Korea"

JYJ Overseas Fans Submitting Petition "Confidence Falling of Korea"

JYJ overseas fans finally started to conduct a formal activity about JYJ’s restricted entertainment activities on broadcasting. JYJ fans in 16 countries overseas recently announced an official statement: Turkey, USA, Spain, Finland, Taiwan, Mexico, Peru, and more.

The subject of the official statement is "Official Statement of the International Consumers of the Korean Wave regarding KBS Jeju’s Public Deception" and announced against a deception activities of KBS Jeju.

They protested "JYJ overseas fans have been suffered loss of money from flights and hotel accommodation rates. JYJ has been active as ambassadors of Jeju, and it makes us have a positive image about Korea and Jeju. However, the positive image has been damaged, and trust for the Korean Wave(Hallyu) and South Korea have been fallen." 

Especially, they also insisted that the cancellations of JYJ's appearances on broadcasting it can not be understood by fans happened twice in this year and these things can make the Korean Wave be fallen as the target of criticism from the international media. Furthermore, the Korean Wave is in danger in the area of ​​cultural development that should not be an example reassurance.

They also urged to establish a democratic and lily-agenda for the next generation of cultural content industry to Korean Government, Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism, and Fair Trade Commission, on the occasion of this event.

JYJ is in active as an ambassador for Jeju Island from April this year, and encourage for the vote of the election for Jeju Island's 'The world's seven natural'. They were confirmed appearances in 'Seven world heritage natural origin concert KBS Jeju', but received a cancellation notice suddenly for appearance to the concert.

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