The movie 'Sunny' pass the 6 million cinema audiences

The movie 'Sunny' pass the 6 million cinema audiences

Korean Movie 'Sunny' has surpassed 600 million viewers after 60 days the opening.

According to Tickets integrated computer network of Korean Film Council, 'Sunny' has surpassed 600 million viewers gathering to 78,215 viewers from 268 screens nationwide last July 2. 'Sunny' released May 4, and the cumulative number of viewers are 6,037,163.

Sunny's opening have passed nine weeks and have put up a good fight with gathering the audience continuously in spite of a newly-released Transformers 3. Especially 'Sunny' became a topic gathering 332,056 viewers last weekend. The number of the viewers of last weekend is similart to the first week of Sunny's newly-release.

`Sunny' has built the film's self-esteem of South Korea beating lots of Hollywood Blockbusters: Thor, Source Code, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, KUNG FU PANDA 2, X-Men: First Class, etc. Sunny has become the highest blockbuster in Korea in the first half rose beating record of viewers of the other Korean film 'Detective K : Secret of Virtuous Widow'. The total production costs spent of the `Sunny' is about 6 billion won from the film's and cumulative sales of the current is 44,277,880,000 won.

The PR company of the `Sunny' said "Sunny have a long run hit recording Box Office 2nd in spite of Transformers 3 so that we expect it would be possible to gather more than 7 million viewers."

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