New Age musician Yanni, Korea concert on Oct. 14

New Age musician Yanni, Korea concert on Oct. 14

New Age musician Yanni from Greece will hold the 2nd concert in Korea after 16 years. Yanni held concert in Seoul for the first time in 1995.

Yanni will play a concert at Seoul Olympic Park Stadium on October 14 in the name of 'Hyundai Department Store foundation 40th anniversary concert performances Ⅲ Yanni, South Korea'.

This performance is one of the concert series organized for 40th anniversary of foundation of Hyundai Department Store. The event is the third of the anniversary concert series after the concerts of R&B singer Neyo, New Age pianists Yuki Kuramoto(倉本 裕基), and Korean pianist Yiruma.

Yanni is a composer and pianist and has been active for nearly 30 years since the early 1980s. He introduced New Age music by combining local color of Greece and classical sounds.

His music is characterized as dramatic configuration accompanied by orchestral music and vibrant romanticism. His music has been used frequently for huge sporting events such as Super Bowl, US Open, and World Figure Skating Championships, etc.

Especially the performance in the Herod Atticus Theatre, Athens, Greece, in 1993 was released as live album in the name of 'Live at The Acropolis'. This album sold out more than 750 million copies worldwide and play-by-play broadcasting of the live concert were recorded as observing more than 500 million people in 65 countries.

And after, Yanni has received the attention of the world holding performances in The Taj Mahal, India and The Forbidden City(紫禁城/ zǐ jìn chéng) in China.

This concert is one of the world tour following the release for the new album "Truth of Touch" and he will play the new song ‘Truth Of Touch ‘, ’Echo Of A Dream‘ and his representatives songs ‘Aria’, ‘Santorini’ additionally in the concert.

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