A Pink, the end of activities temporarily "Thanks, although a regret remains"

A Pink, the end of activities temporarily "Thanks, although a regret remains"

Korean girl group 'A Pink' concludes activities of debut album.

A Pink made ​​their debut with the title song 'I Don't Know' last April. A Pink became darkhorse getting the nickname as 'Elf Doll(요정돌/ Yo-Jung-Dol)' and 'Purity doll(무공해돌/ Mu-Gong-Hae-Dol)' with neat and lovely concept of cuty looks.

A Pink will finalize the the activity of the Follow-ups song 'It Girl' appearing in the SBS Popular Song(인기가요/ In-Gi-Ga-Yo) so that their debut album is scheduled to terminate activities.

A staff of ACUBE Entertainment, the agency of A Pink, said "The members of A Pink said that they felt like debutting a few days ago so did not realize to have to prepare the 2nd album. And they also said that they did their best but felt insufficient of activities. It remains a regret to them. We must thanks to many of fans gave us love and support. We have plan to exercise song, dance, and playing musical instruments more, and effort to have more developed as a good singer. Please give us more attention and support until coming back."

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