Pyeongchang became the host of 2018 Winter Olympic Games after 2 failures

Pyeongchang became the host of 2018 Winter Olympic Games after 2 failures

'New horizon' Pyeongchang was awarded the right o host the 2018 Winter Olympics following a vote in Durban, South Africa after 2 failures.

95 delegates of total 110 the International Olympic Committee members took part in the vote in the ICC in Durban, South Africa.

The president of the IOC, Jacques Rogge, announced the result of the vote July 7. Pyeongchang got a chance of honor to receive vote more than a majority in the first table. PyeongChang got 63 of 95 votes and ditched Munich, Germany, 25 tickets obtained, and Annecy, France 7 tickets obtained, overwhelmingly.

Pyeongchang has painful past that flipped in the second runoff in spite of the most votes in the primary vote the last two Winter Olympics challenges.

Pyeongchang got 51 votes in the primary vote and won Vancouver (40 votes), but the second vote was reversed in the 53-56 votes in 2003 International Olympic Committee (IOC) General Assembly in Czech Republic to determine whether the 2010 Winter Olympics.

PyeongChang obtained 36 votes in the primary vote and beated Sochi(34 votes) and Salzburg(25 votes), but has given Sochi permission to hold votes of 47 to 51 in Guatemala City IOC Assembly 2007 to determine whether the 2014 Winter Olympics.

PyeongChang take a new chance to host of 2018 Winter Olympic Games after the declaration in the 12-year wait competing Munich (Germany) and Annecy (France). Korea has achieved to host the first-ever Winter Olympic Games after 30 years resulted Seoul in Baden Baden in West Germany in 1981.

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