T-ARA Roly-Poly Music Video ranked 1st in weekly music chart

T-ARA Roly-Poly Music Video ranked 1st in weekly music chart

Korean girl group T-ARA's music video 'Roly-Poly' has become a popular.

The 2nd version of the Roly-Poly music video released on on-line music site on July 11, and ranked 1st on GOM TV Music video real time chart.

The 1st version of the Roly-Poly music video was producted as a form of mini-drama. After 2 weeks of releasing, the 1st version was viewed more than 1,500,000 times, and ranked 1st on weekly music chart.

The edited making video clip and fans' dancing exercise scene listed on Youtube was inserted in the 2nd version of the music video, in the end of the part.

Netizen responded after watching the music video as "I like this version more.", "It suits with classical concept.", "I was impressed. I could see why they practice during the week." and more.

On the other hand, Roly-Poly means 'Tumbler(오뚜기/ O-DDu-Gi)': it rises even though fall again and again. The genre of the song is a dance music having melody with a light tripping rhythm and feeling like classical concept adding modern musical elements and mixed 80s disco music. Roly-Poly was composed by Choi Kyu-Sung(최규성) and Shinsadong Horangyi(신사동 호랭이).

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