Han Hyo-joo to hold the first fan meeting in Japan

Han Hyo-joo to hold the first fan meeting in Japan

Korean actress Han Hyo-joo(한효주/  ハン・ヒョジュ/ 韓孝珠) will hold the first fan meeting in Japan in October, and have promotion for the drama 'Dong-Yi(or Dong E/ 동이)'.

Han Hyo-joo will meet more than 2 thousands fans in the first fan meeting in Japan on October 10, and promotions of Dong-Yi will be scheduled for 3 days from October 12.

Especially, Han Hyo-joo is famous for the big hits of the drama 'Brilliant Legacy/ 찬란한 유산', so that she is getting hot popularity in Japan. The drama Brilliant Legacy is airing through NHK.

A concerned person in Japan said "There are so many cases that male Korean wave stars' fan meeting tickets are sold out, but female stars are seldom. This means the popularity of  Han Hyo-joo is really great in Japan."

On the other hand, Han Hyo-joo was casted as 'Jeong-hwa/ 정화’ in the Korean film 'Only You/ 오직 그대만'. The film will be released in October.

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