Korean Language Teacher to Dispatch to Thailand because of 'Korean Wave Boom'

Korean Language Teacher to Dispatch to Thailand because of 'Korean Wave Boom'

Korean wave boom is happening in Thailand recently so that a range of  Korean language teachers will be dispatched to Thailand.

This is an ongoing projects as part of ''global learning projects' promoted by both Ministry of Education and Science and Technology and Minister of Foreign Affairs. 54 peoples of Korean language teachers will be placed  in 59 high schools and universities in Thailand, and they will teach Korean language for the next generation of Thai people.

This project is at the request of the Thai government. Embassy of the Republic of Korea to the Kingdom of Thailandhas has supported the Korean language education for the Thai workers as a way to run 'free Korean class' so far, but it is the first time that Korean government dispatch officially Korea language teacher to Thai educational institutions.

Sending teachers were selected from 13 universities established Korean Education Department nationwide, and have a certificates of Level 2 qualification Korean language education. In addition, Korean government has decided to extend the periods of the dispatch of more than 30 volunteers of Korean languague tutors belonged to  Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA). Their term ended last July, but Korean government took the action because there is increasing demand for Korean language education in Thailand.

Korean government is planning to establish a Korean language institution 'Sejonghakdang(세종학당)' in Thailand's main cities, and pushing to include Korean language as a second language for college entrance examination in Thailand.

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