Korean Movie “The Man From Nowhere” explosively popular in China with Won Bin’s Power!

Korean Movie “The Man From Nowhere” explosively popular in China with Won Bin’s Power!

Korean Movie “The Man From Nowhere(AJuSsi/아저씨)” Starring Won Bin has become a popular explosion in China.

Won Bin visited Beijing for promotion of the movie “The Man From Nowhere(AJuSsi/아저씨)” on September 14, and he realized the popularity with numerous media and fans welcoming.

Won Bin has introduced in China with Korean Drama 'Autumn Tale(Gaeul Donghwa/가을동화)' 10 years ago, and is gaining popularity in China as the film “The Man From Nowhere(AJuSsi/아저씨)”. The film “The Man From Nowhere(AJuSsi/아저씨)” gained great popularity in both Korea and Japan as well.

More than 100 media companies including Chinese largest portal site such as Sina.com(新浪) and Sohu.com(搜狐) competed for covering Won Bin at a press conference on 15. The movie “The Man From Nowhere” was screened in the 4 largest multiplex cinema in Beijing on Sep 16, and more than 2,000 fans gathered. “The Man From Nowhere” was rated the highest rating of 8.1 points in the China's largest movie information site, 'Mtime.com'.

Won Bin said "I didn't know that so many Chinese fans like me. I was really surprised from the airport. I am grateful to the fans in China because they come here to see the film even though there was no particular activity's of me. I am glad to share my gratitude to the fans."

Won Bin's “The Man From Nowhere” will be released in Japan on the Sep 17.

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