K-pop Cover Dance Festival holding in Japan

K-pop Cover Dance Festival holding in Japan

The Japanese audition of ‘Cover Dance Festival K-POP Roadshow 40120′ held in Tokyo Shinkiba Studio Coast on September 11th.

In the audition, various cover dance teams such as from a 9 year old girl, a housewife with 3 kids to a 42 year old salaryman participated.

Park Gyu-ri, the leader of Korean girl group KARA, gave an audition review and said “I was impressed because I felt the hottest efforts of the dance teams. I knew there are so many K-pop fans in Japan, but I haven’t known that the fans in Japan want to come to Korea and have a dream to go to Korea to study.”

Kim Hyun Chul, the director of the Japanese audition, said “I surprised that there are lots of and various aged K-pop fans and good organized K-pop cover dance teams in Japan. Furthermore, they also have domestic fans. We expects that we can find out the future of K-pop when K-pop reach a certain condition.”

The ‘Cover Dance Festival K-POP Roadshow 40120′ means that Korean pop stars look for dancing hero of K-POP Cover Dance going around the Earth once(40120km). 2PM, Beast, SHINee, KARA, Miss A, MBLAQ, f(x), T-ara will give reviews for regional competitions of K-pop cover dance visiting Moscow, Sao Paulo, LA, Tokyo, and Madrid, etc.

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