Korean Drama Festival 2011 holding in Gyeongnam Culture & Arts Center

Korean Drama Festival 2011 holding in Gyeongnam Culture & Arts Center

Korean Drama Festival was held again.  2011 Korea Drama Festival was held in Gyeongnam Jinju Gyeongnam Culture & Arts Center besides Nangang river during October 1 to 9.

This is the 5th anniversary this year. Korean Drama Festival is a drama festival, and fans could meet a lot of Korean dramas that were loved by world wide fans including Korean fans. The slogan of the festival was 'Like a dream, Like a star, Like a Drama  Season II' and welcomed visitors with variety of things to see and enjoy.

Korean Drama Festival have made visitors enjoyed with main event such as 'Korea Drama awards', 'Drama OST Concert', 'Korean Wave specials', Drama in Kids', and more. On the other hand, lots of events were arranged such as the drama sets, a sites of broadcasting exerience for fans, drama photo exhibition, and more. Additionally, in the drama theme park in the center of downtown, fan meeting event and Fringe performances was held.    


Furthermore, academic events were provided such as creative screenplay competition and video symposium for prospective broadcasters hoping for engaging drama industries. Those things were given the opportunity to share ideas and information to various industries for drama.

Jang Han-sung, the chairman of the Organizing Committee, said "Korean Drama Festival has become a representative drama festival having fans visiting more than 300,000 annually. This Festival will increase the added value of Korean Dramas that is a cultural contents that represents the Korean Wave. And it will assure the competitiveness and diversity of our cultural contents."

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