Big Bang Wins MTV Europe Music Awards 2011 for the first time of Korean Singer

Big Bang Wins MTV Europe Music Awards 2011 for the first time of Korean Singer

Korean singer group Big Bang achieved European Music Awards for the first time of Korean singer.

Big Bang has been selected as the final winner in the category of Worldwide Act in the 2011 MTV Europe Music Awards opened in Odyssey Arena in Belfast Northern Ireland UK on November 6.

'World Wide Act' award was instituted this year for the first time to spread worldwide the various music in the world, and Big Bang became the first winner.

Big Bang has been selected to represent the Asia-Pacific region of 'World Wide Act' in by a vote on September 9, and competed world-class artists such as Britney Spears (North American Representative), Lena (the European representative), Abdel-Fatah Greenwich (Africa / India / Middle East Representative) and Restart (South American Representative), etc.

The meaning of the award of the Big Bang is something special because they received the award the official music awards in Europe over Asian music awards firstly in the hot wind of K-POP in the world.

Big Bang will hold YG Family Concert for 15th Anniversary in Olympic Stadium in Seoul on December 3rd and 4th.

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