A Song of Brown Eyed Girls Featured in French Film- K-Pop Pervading in Most of Europe

A Song of Brown Eyed Girls Featured in French Film- K-Pop Pervading in Most of Europe

The main character of a French film was in a club with The song of Brown Eyed Girls “Abracadabra”..

K-POP is heating up in Europe, and a K-POP song entered the scene in a newest French film.

The hit song of Korean girl group Brown Eyed Girls ‘Abracadabra’ entered a scene in a French film. The name of French film is ‘Les Tuche’. ‘Abracadabra’ played as a background music in the scene that the main characters visit to a club. 

“Les Tuche” is containing the story about a changed life of a family after won the lottery. And “Les Tuche” attracted issues because of appearing of famous actor Jean-Paul Rouve, who became French representative actor from the film ‘Tanguy’.

It is not clear that who on the movie production team managed for putting K-Pop in the movie. But it can make sure that K-POP is expanding the base in Europe to such an extent as to appear in French commercial films.

Of course, the case is not a coincidence and illegal usage without permission. A staff of Brown Eyed Girls’ agency said that the film production company requested about the usage of the sound source formally, and Brown Eyed Girls’ agency approved about it.

And more, it was reported that the members of Brown Eyed Girls intrigued by the story that ‘Abracadabra’ will played as a background music in the film.

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