EXO-K Into Your World (Angel) ‘너의 세상으로 (Angel)’ Lyrics Translation in English with Pronounce

EXO-K Into Your World (Angel) ‘너의 세상으로 (Angel)’ Lyrics Translation in English with Pronounce

Original       : 마치 아무것도 모르는 아이로 그렇게 다시 태어난 순간 같이
Pronounce   : Ma Chi A Mu Gut Do Mo Rou Noun A Yi Ro Gou Rout Ge Da Shi Tae Ou Nan Sun Gan Gat Chi
Translation  : As if it’s like the minute that I was born again as a baby who doesn't know anything

Original       : 잠시 꿈일까봐 한 번 더 눈 감았다 떠 보니
Pronounce   : Jam Shi Kum Il Ka Boa Han Boun Dou Nun Gam At Da Tou Bo Ni
Translation  : I closed and opened my eyes once, as I couldn't tell if I was awake or dreaming

Original       : 역시 너무 간절했던 네 앞에 기도하듯 서 있어
Pronounce   : Youk Shi Nou Mu Gan Joul Hat Doun Ne Ap Pe Gi Do Ha Dout Sou It Ssou
Translation  : Of course, because I want you sincerely, I am standing in front of you as if I pray

Original       : 단 한 번만 네 옆에서 발을 맞춰 걸어 보고파 한 번, 딱 한 번만요
Pronounce   : Dan Han Boun Man Ne Youp Pe Sou Bal Oul Mat Chuo Goul Ou Bo Go Pa Han Boun, Tak Han Boun Man Yo
Translation  : I wish I could walk falling into pace with you, even if I have the chance only one time.. one time..

Original       : 너의 세상으로 여린 바람을 타고 네 곁으로
Pronounce   : Nou Oui Se Sang Ou Ro Yo Rin Ba Ram Oul Ta Go Ne Gyout Tou Ro
Translation  : I went to your own world riding soft wind and reached next to you

Original       : 어디에서 왔냐고 해맑게 묻는 네게 비밀이라 말했어
Pronounce   : Ou Di E Sou Wat Nya Go Hae Mal Ge Mut Noun Ne Ge Bi Mil Yi Ra Mal Hat Ssou
Translation  : Then, you innocently asked me ‘Where are you came from?’, and I answered ‘It is a secret’

Original       : 마냥 이대로 함께 걸으면 어디든 천국일테니
Pronounce   : Ma Nyang Yi Dae Ro Ham Ke Goul Ou Myoun Ou Di Doun Choun Guk Il Te Ni
Translation  : (I thought your question is not important) Because if we just walk together as we are, it’s obvious that anywhere is the paradise to us wherever we go

Original       : 미카엘 보다 넌 나에게 눈부신 존재
Pronounce   : Michael Bo Da Noun Na E Ge Nun Bu Shin Jon Jae
Translation  : You are more radiant to me than Michael

Original       : 감히 누가 너를 거역해 내가 용서를 안 해
Pronounce   : Gam Hi Nu Ga Nou Roul Gou Youk Hae Nae Ga Yong Sou Roul An Hae
Translation  : How dare anybody disobey you? If there’s anybody who does, I will not forgive them

Original       : 에덴 그 곳에 발을 들인 태초의 그처럼 
Pronounce   : Eden Gou Got Se Bal Oul Doul In Tae Cho Oui Gou Chou Roum
Translation  : Just like the first human who got into step to the Eden

Original       : 매일 너 하나만 향하며 마음으로 믿으며
Pronounce   : Mae Il Nou Ha Na Man Hyang Ha Yo Ma Oum Ou Rou Mi Dou Myou
Translation : My steps will head toward you, and I will believe you with my heart every day

Original       : 아주 작은 것이라도 널 힘들게 하지 못하게 항상 지키고 싶어
Pronounce   : A Ju Jak Oun Gut Shi Ra Do Noul Him Doul Ge Ha Ji Mot Ha Ge Han Sang Ji Ki Go Ship Pou
Translation  : Even if really tiny things make you trouble, I wanna protect and make you comfortable always. 

Original       : I’m eternally love
Pronounce   : I’m eternally love
Translation  : I’m eternally love

Original       : 너의 수호자로 저 거센 바람을 막고
Pronounce   : Nou Oui Su Ho Ja Ro Jou Gou Sen Ba Ram Oul Mak Go
Translation  : I will protect you against strong wind as your guardian

Original       : 네 편으로 모두 다 등을 돌려도
Pronounce   : Ne Pyoun Ou Rou Mo Du Da Doung Oul Dol Lyou Do
Translation  : Even if everyone turns their back against you

Original       : 힘에 겨운 어느 날 네 눈물을 닦아 줄 그런 한 사람 될 수 있다면
Pronounce   : Him E Gyou Un Ou Nou Nal Ne Nun Mul Oul Dak A Jul Gou Roun Han Sa Ram Yi Doel Su It Da Myoun
Translation  : And If I could be a person who wipe tears of your eye in a hard day

Original       : 어디든 천국일테니
Pronounce   : Ou Di Doun Choun Guk Il Te Ni
Translation  : If those things realized, it must be the paradise wherever we go anywhere

Original       : 널 사랑하게 돼버린 난 이제 더 이상 돌아갈 곳이 없어요
Pronounce   : Noul Sa Rang Ha Ge Doe Bou Rin Nan Yi Je Dou Yi Sang Dol A Gal Got Shi Oup Sou Yo
Translation  : There's no place I can go back because I am loving you already

Original       : 날개를 거둬가셨죠 (oh no)
Pronounce   : You have taken my wings away (oh no)
Translation  : Nal Gae Roul Gou Duo Ga Shyut Jyo(oh no)

Original       : 영원한 삶을 잃었대도 행복한 이유
Pronounce   : Young Won Han Sal Moul Il Out Dae Do Hang Bok Han Yi Yu
Translation  : The reason that I happy is, even though I lost eternal life

Original       : 나의 영원 이젠 그대이니까 Eternally Love
Pronounce   : Na Oui Young Won Yi Jen Gou Dae Yi Ni Ka.. Eternally Love
Translation  : The reason is that eternal life is from you from now.. Eternally Love

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  1. I'm so happy that this is the most accurate among all of the translations because that one part where it said, "네 곁으로 어디에서 왔냐고 해맑게 묻는 네게 비밀이라 말했어" People usually translated it as, "You asked me brightly Where I came from to your side." But I thought that it sounded weird and was incorrect (because it was lol) BUT Yeah, I like this translation the best. I believe, though, that this is too detailed? However, this is still my BEST copy of translations. Kudos to you~


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