JYP Entertainment Trying to Cast Rookies in Jeon-La Province Using SNS, ‘The More Simple Audition’

JYP Entertainment Trying to Cast Rookies in Jeon-La Province Using SNS, ‘The More Simple Audition’

JYP Entertainment tries to cast rookies in Jeon-La province named as ‘Small-town Casting’.

JYP Entertainment has tried to cast new faces in small town located in Jeon-La province after Kang-won province scheduling for 40 days, since March 19.

JYP Entertainment had held open-auditions in more than 5 largest cities in Korea. 
But nowadays, JYP Entertainment is trying to find out new rookies changing their strategy as targeting to the small-town.

The small-town casting has been done as such that the casting manager of JYP Entertainment leads an aggressive active visiting schools, academies, local events, and even street casting(road casting)* in the targeted local cities.

From this year, JYP Entertainment will keep the location of the casting manager informed and updated in real time through SNS, such as Facebook and Twitter, etc. 
So that the volunteers living in the cities can contact the casting manager more easier.

Actually, by the small-town casting in Jeol-La province, JYP Entertainment is receiving an enthusiastic response from the volunteers living in the Jeol-La province. 
And more, sometimes the casting managers find out additional information of hidden talented person recieving an anonymous tip through internet communities, and SNS, etc by chances. 
It has been reported that these things are making the casting managers busier.

A staff of JYP Entertainment’s Rookie Development Team said “Even if we have tried to hold auditions with large cities as the center, we think so many volunteers still have difficulties to take part in. So that we arranged the small-town casting projects for taking a more chance to pick hidden talented person up. This project will offer to get a chance to volunteers to be a rookie of JYP Entertainment even if they live in small town. And this is starting in Ganwon and Jeolla province, and will be broaden to the all around country.”

On the other hand, the detailed information of the small-town casting projects of JYP Entertainment can be possible to check through the Facebook and Twitter, if you want.

*(street casting/road casting: the way of casting. If a casting manager find out someone who are expected to be a good star in the ‘street’ or ‘road’, etc. by chance, they pick them up to make a rookie.)

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