Jeju Island Travel Destination and Tips: Enjoy Fishing On the Yacht in the Gimnyeong Beach Where The Korean Drama “Bad Guy” filmed

Short stories..

Geon-uk (Casted Kim Nam-Gil) is highly ambitious. Geon-uk attempts to get a Korean conglomerate group by using his fatal charms and cunning mind. Jane (Casted Han Ga-in) is a strong woman who stands by her man, Geon-uk, and she attempts to protect their love.
Te-ra (Casted Oh Yeon-su) was born as the first daughter in a family of a Korean conglomerate group. She has never said no to her parents and went through an arranged marriage. She lives her life like the typical upperclass housewife. She then meets Geon-uk and throws herself into a heated affair.

And, what is the most impressive scene in the Korean drama ‘Bad Guy (2010-SBS-Korean Drama)’?

Maybe, many people would point the scene of the skydiving of the main character Shim Geon-uk(casted Kim Nam-gil). And the scene that Eom Sang-mo(casted Jung Seong-woo) congratulated Hong Mo-ne(casted Jung So-min) on her birthday would be also.

These scenes include that a picturesque yacht sails on the blue sea.

Environment-friendly sail yacht BONA520

'Bona 520' is a specially designed yacht under the responsibility of a world-class yacht’s producer. 
The yacht is moved by not power but the wind, so there’s no oily flavor and noise. This is why yacht could be thought as a environment-friendly sailing boat. 
When we cruise in a yacht, it can make us feel a lighthearted mode as if we become offshore breezes.

The captain and most of the crew of 'Bona 520' are ex-members of the national yacht team. 
They kindly give an explanation of questions about yacht and sea, and about nearby attractions also. Up to 27 people can be on board.

Cabin as comfortable as hotel

The yacht has all the modern amenities such as bed rooms, wash rooms, singing rooms, PC rooms, and wine bar, etc.

Schools of dolphins

The sea of Gimnyeong is famous for natural habitats of dolphins. If the weather is fine, travelers can enjoy a flock of dolphins.

In fact, many people will often associate Australia with a dolphin tour. 
However, in Australia, you can see that only one or two dolphins jump in most cases. On the other hand, you will be shocked when you see dolphins jumping in the sky and swimming in large packs in the sea of Gimnyeong.

Enjoy fishing on the sailing boat

You can enjoy fishing on the yacht. Dureoksan mountain, the name of undersea mountain around the sea of Gimnyeong, is famous for its well-stocked, so that you can hook some fish such as filefishs, rock trouts, and soft shell clam, etc. 
In most cases, the travelers set free the captive creatures. But sometimes the staff of agency makes sushi with the captives and offers only if travelers catch a big fish or specially want to eat the fish they caught.

Lovely sea of light 'Gimnyeong Beach'

If anyone thinks of romantic vacation spot, cobaltic sea could come across their mind. If you want it also, you may visit the 'Gimnyeong Beach'.
The Gimnyeong Beach covers a total area of 49,000㎡, and the average depth of the ocean is only 1 or 2 meters. And it is located 23.4km east of Jeju Island.
Beautiful shining water, calm waves and soft white sands would greet you, and amenities such as campsites, parking lots, toilets, dressing rooms, shower facilities, etc. are also equipped in there.

Gimnyeong yacht school(Seogwipo International Yacht School)

Gimnyeong yacht school(Seogwipo International Yacht School) offers education courses of yacht both to cultivate leaders and to give travelers experience studies for yacht activation in Jeju Island. 
The course of experience studies for travelers open a class from Wednesday to Sunday at 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 every week, and tuition fee costs 20,000 won for adults, 1,000 won for teenagers.

More Info.

• Gimnyeong Yacht(
   Jeju City, Jeju 4212-1 Gujwa-eup Gimnyeong-ri (T 82-64-725-0225)

• Gimnyeong Beach
   Jeju City, Jeju 4212-1 Gujwa-eup Gimnyeong-ri

▪ Jeju International Airport → 1132 Local Route → Hamdeok → Gimnyeong → Gimnyeong Beach
▪ Jungmun Tourist Resort Complex → 1132 Local Route → Hamdeok → Gimnyeong → Gimnyeong Beach
▪ Seogwipo → 1132 Local Route → Hamdeok → Gimnyeong → Gimnyeong Beach

• Gimnyeong yacht school(Seogwipo International Yacht School) (
   Jeju City, Jeju 1267 Gujwa-eup Gimnyeong-ri (T 82-64-783-0090)

▪ By Car: Jeju Airport → Jeju City → National Highway No. 12 → Seo-Gimnyeong → Dong-Gimnyeong → Gimnyeong Beach → Seogwipo International Sailing School
▪ By Bus: Take No. 100 Bus in Jeju Airport → Terminal → National Highway No. 12 → Hamdeok → Gimnyeong → Get off at Gimnyeong Elementary School → Approximately 200m walk toward the east side → Turn left at the Dong-sung Restaurant and 100m walk → Seogwipo International Sailing School

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