Seoul City Travel Destinations and Tips: Gwangjingyo Bridge Riverview 8th Avenue, the observatory of North Seoul Dream Forest, and Gwanghwamun Square Where The Korean Drama “Iris” filmed

Seoul City Travel Destinations and Tips: Gwangjingyo Bridge Riverview 8th Avenue, the observatory of North Seoul Dream Forest, and Gwanghwamun Square Where The Korean Drama “Iris” filmed

The story was ended, but it’s not still the end. 
What I mean? It’s about the Korean drama “Iris”.

Gwangjingyo Bridge Riverview 8th Avenue, the observatory of North Seoul Dream Forest, and Gwanghwamun Square are the representative filming locations of the Korean drama “Iris”. 
Even if the story was ended, these tourist attractions in Seoul are packed with tourists who couldn't forget the moving story.

If the impressions from the drama still lingers in your mind, what about going to picnic to the tourist attractions in Seoul where Iris was filmed? 
Let’s know about the place where we don’t know well in Seoul.

Gwanghwamun Square: the symbol and center of the 600-year-old historic city of Seoul

“Why North Korea try to commit an act of terrorism in Gwanghwamun Square?”
“Because Gwanghwamun Square is the symbol and center of the 600-year-old historic city of Seoul.”
This is the conversation between Hyun-jun(casted Lee Byung-hun) and Sun-hwa(casted Kim So-yeon) in the drama ‘Iris’.

Gwanghwamun Square, the symbol and center of Seoul, is the most important filming location of the drama ‘Iris’. 
Because large-scale urban scenes of the gun fights and explosive fight scenes were filmed in Gwanghwamun Square.
Representatively, the gun fight scenes among Hyun-jun, Seon-hwa, Seong-hee and North Korean terrorist organization was shot in front of the statue of Admiral Yi Sun-shin and the statue of King Sejong the Great, and more scenes such as the march of the mounted police were also shot in every nook and corner of Gwanghwamun Square. 
Especially, the Korean rain gauge and the Korean sundial, the accomplishment of King Sejong, are set around the statue of King Sejong the Great.

The drama was also filmed in Cheonggyecheon Stream. 
Cheonggyecheon Stream is an 8.4 km long, and modern public recreation space in downtown Seoul, South Korea. 
And more, variety of attractions are scattered around Cheonggyecheon Stream such as Cheonggye square, Gwangtonggyo Bridge, Cheonggyecheon fashion square, etc.

The city tour bus is so popular in here. 
In the drama, the nuclear weapon was installed in the city tour bus!
Seoul city tour bus is so convenient to explore Seoul city in a short time. The most popular itinerary of the bus is ‘City Circulation Course’. 
This itinerary covers the Seoul downtown area, including the National Museum of Korea, Namsangol Hanok Village, Namdaemun Market, Dongdaemun Market, and Insa-dong.

• Hours: 09:00 ~ 21:00 (Last shuttle departs at 7pm from Gwanghwamun)
• Bus Intervals: Shuttle departs every 30 minutes
 (Peak season: 4th week of July – August 15th / buses depart every 20 minutes) 
• Travel Time: Approximately 2 hours

Gwangjingyo Bridge Riverview 8th Avenue: Scent of Culture in the Han River(Hangang river)

There were so many people who wonder where the scene that Cheol-young(casted Kim Seoung-woo), North Korean Secret Agent, was arrested by Sun-hwa(casted Kim So-yeon) was filmed. 
The filming location is the Gwangjingyo Bridge Riverview 8th Avenue.

Gwangjingyo Bridge Riverview 8th Avenue is one of the only three under-bridge observatories in the world. 
The observatory is located not on the bridge, but underneath it. The view from the bridge is so wide, and there’re no obstacles. And more exciting thing is that you can walk on its transparent bottom, and through this, you can look down at the river.

The observatory plays a role as a cultural space, holding many performances and exhibitions as well. Excellent performances are held every weekend free of charge.  

• Gwangnaru Station (Seoul Subway Line 5), Exit 2.
• Cross the street and go straight for 300m.
• Turn right in front of Gwangjin Youth Center and go straight 100m.
• Continue straight for 500m along Gwangjin Bridge. 

• Cheonho Station (Seoul Subway Line 5, 8), Exit 2.
• Go straight for 300m and turn left towards Gwangjin Bridge.
• Go straight for 900m along Gwangjin Bridge.

Always open

The observatory of North Seoul Dream Forest: The space of quiet contemplation

The observatory of North Seoul Dream Forest is famous for the secret place that the president and Hyun-jun meet. Indoor and outdoor observatories and cafes are established within the by floor. Especially, the indoor observatory was the important filming location. 

If you ascend to the observatory, the view of Seoul Dream Forest comes at a glance. In this place, you can enjoy breathtaking views of Bukhansan mountain, Dobongsan mountain, and Suraksan mountain. You can also see the views of Namsan mountain and Hangang river, and it’s more good place for watching the night view of downtown Seoul at night. 

Below the observatory, a cultural center is located, and various concerts and exhibitions unfold in there.
Ponds, Wolgwang waterfall, Pocket park, and Art gallery also give great things to see.

Parking Facilities
402 cars are available
 Visitor's Parking lot 328 cars (Disabled 20 cars, Large car 10 cars, Lady's zone 70 cars)
 Cultural center Parking lot 74 cars (Disabled 6 cars, Lady's zone 20 cars)

 Seoul Subway Line 4, Mia Samgeori Station, Exit #1 >> Take the local bus #9, #11 (10min ride)
 Seoul Subway Line 6, Dolgoji Station, Exit #3 >> Take the city bus #147 (5min ride)

Other Attractions

 Banpo bridge rainbow fountain

 Seonyudo park

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