An Explanation of Psy’s Gangnam Style Lyrics (translated in English)- So.. What Gangnam Style’s Lyrics means?

I think that a lot of people may wonder what the lyrics of Psy’s Gangnam Style means.

Some people seem to guess that the lyrics is about a ‘love story’, but actually it’s not..
And the other people seem to guess that it’s a ‘confession of love’, but sadly, it’s not, too..
Even other people often take to interpret the lyrics too seriously citing the history of Gangnam or Korean grammar, etc.

Do you think that you also need to think so hard as such?
My answer is, “You never need to do so!”
Lyrics is just lyrics. It’s not Sociology, Historian, and Linguistics, etc.

Think simply. ‘Song’ is created not to be thought hard or study something but joyful or cheerful.

Gangnam Style is not about love story!

Gangnam Style is not about love story. Why? 
If you read a translation of the lyrics of Gangnam Style, sometimes the speaker of the lyrics says ‘it’s you’, or ‘you are so beautiful’, and so on..

Who is ‘you’? Is she girl friend of the speaker of the lyrics?
I’ll say no! She does not exist. She is just the woman of his ideal type.

This is the reason why the song ‘Gangnam Style’ is not about love story.
It’s just monologue!

Korean people like a multi-talented person!

The speaker of the lyrics seems to be ‘twofold’.

In the lyrics, he wants to meet a girl who,

  • A girl who is warm and humane during the daytime
  • A classy girl who is good at enjoying free time to get a cup of coffee

But!! He also wants to meet a girl who,
  • A girl’s heart gets hot when the night comes
  • A girl who looks virtuous but the time to play comes, then she can be willing to change in accordance with it
  • A girl who unties her tied hair when she feels that the right time comes
  • A girl who does not wear low-cut dresses but looks so sexy
  • That kind of sensuous girl 
  • Eh- Sexy Lady
All things considered, he wants to meet a girl both who is modest during the daytime and who is good at enjoying a party time or something else during the nighttime. 

Does he have a dual personality?
Do you think that a person who behaves modestly can enjoy well when he or she goes to party and drink or something?

It’s about an attitude of Korean people.
Korean people like a multi-talented person.
If there is a person who has versatile talents, such as.. he or she gets good marks at school, great ability in his or her work, being good at playing musical instruments, to have a good sense of style, and more, enjoying really well in a party time or having a good skill in dance or singing a song..
He or she will be loved by so so so many people in Korea. 

This is the meaning of the lyrics.

And him?
He also wanna be a that kind of person.
  • I am as warm as you during the daytime
  • I am a man whose heart gets thumping when the night comes
  • I am a man who looks gentle but the time to play comes, then I can be willing to change in accordance with it
  • I am a man who goes completely crazy when the right time comes
Do you understand?

Adding one more thing, if you also wonder ‘I am a man who drink coffee bottoms up before it cools down’, think simply.
It’s a saying something to make the person smile.

Why does he wanna be a Gangnam Style?

Gangnam has symbolic meanings in Korea.
Gangnam is one of district in Seoul, Korea, say, Gangnam-gu or Seocho-gu. 

It is a complex area.
There are so many good businesses or jobs, good schools, good traffic equipments, amenities.. and good houses or really really expensive apartments.
On the other hand, Gangnam is very popular for its lively nightlife in Korea.

This is why Gangnam is so diverse where multicultural features coexist, and so many Korean people want to visit Gangnam.

Then.. Style is what?
Korean people tend to make frequent use of the word ‘Style’, such as..
  • Mut Jin Style(멋진 스타일: It can be used when you meet a good guy who has good manner or fashion sense, you can tell him ‘you are Mut Jin Style’
  • Pi Gon Han Style(피곤한 스타일: It can be used when a people makes you so enervated, you can tell whom ‘you are Pi Gon Han Style’
Do you understand?
‘Gangnam Style’ was used as similar usage of them.

So that, Gangnam Style would contain so complex meaning, and the speaker of the lyrics might hope to be a versatile person as like ‘the area, Gangnam’.

So.. What Gangnam Style means?

In Gangnam, there are so many good people and things.
Smart workers or students, rich people, tycoons, good-styled people, clubers or musicians, and even more, lots of people who wanna enjoy the nightlifes in Gangnam.. And really big building, expensive houses, apartments, cars, and good clubs or restaurants are there!

I think that Psy’s intentions are such things.
If we visit Gangnam, we can meet those good things, so it is just positive meaning.
To put it in another way, if we visit Gangnam, we would be a member of Gangnam, so that we could be also those good people, right?

I think that’s why the speaker of the lyrics says ‘Oppan Gangnam Style’ over and over again!

I hope this post can help for those who do not know well about Korea.
And once more, please do not think seriously about the meaning of the lyrics. 
Songs and lyrics are for just enjoying, not studying. 

So I hope that you just enjoy this song and other Korean fun cultures!

If you wanna read translated Gangnam Style’s lyrics or something else, visit the web page below.

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  1. Thank you for that explanation! I do not speak any Korean, nor do I know much about Korea, so it is very helpful. Thank you!

  2. Very nice way to explain the lyrics are for enjoying not for study and the feeling of the musician at the same time.

  3. Thanks a lot for your helpful explanation !

  4. Well, now that I've read your articles about the song lyrics and meanings and especially Gangnam style, I understand that it is not one thing, but has many different regional variations; but another thing I know is that I like YOUR style! ;) Your articles are very well-written and personable -- they definitely have a distinctive tone and rhythm that separate them and set them above the usual fashion/culture/trend-blog style. Thanks for sharing all the information and definitely keep writing! :)


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