Miss A uncovers last, yet unquestionably not least, picture teaser for the wildly breathtaking Fei!

The last of the miss A performance picture teasers does not frustrate. Fei, a member of Miss A is smooth and enchanting in her singular shot! 

Feast your eyes on the ravishing legs, clad in figure embracing calfskin like stockings and an edited top, flaunting those toned abs. Obviously, her make-up, however more dismal than we are utilized to is an incredible look for the darker, edgier concept of their comeback. 

Instead of a grave outflow as the different parts, she dons a powerful look with solid smokey eye cosmetics, pressing on to leave fans figuring. 

As said after, the new collection will have what added up to thirteen melodies, incorporating seven truly new tunes. The title tune, as said, will be E-Tribe's "Hush", and it'll be discharged on November sixth!


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