Gangnam Style grows YouTube's view cutoff points

K-pop vocalist Psy's megahit Gangnam Style has drawn suddenly high view on YouTube, to such an extent that Google needed to change the framework to extend the most extreme breaking point. 

The music feature surpassed 2.26 billion views as of 11 March 2015, which surpasses the online feature supplier's view counter. 

YouTube-possessed Google had redesigned its product ahead of time of coming to the full counter to use 64-bit whole number that permits more than 922 quintillion views, up from a 32-bit number of around 21 billion clicks. Google said that beforehand no feature posted on YouTube ever came to a bigger number of views than the 32-bit number can hold. 

Psy's megahit was initially released on July 15, 2012 and turned into YouTube's most-viewed feature, with more than 800 million views in only five months. The feature surpassed 2 billion views consider of May 2014, yet it kept on being viewed with regularly expanding views. 

As per Tech Times, the product designers of YouTube foreseen the issue a couple of months back and had the capacity overhaul to the 64-bit view counter for the whole site before the music feature came as far as possible.

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