Ailee confessed all about nude naked (stripped) pictures

Little doubt remains that YMC Entertainment was confessing all as to Ailee's naked photos. Ailee's naked pictures were taken four years earlier, and she did without a doubt report the event to the police. 

The 24-year old Korean American vocalist's honest to goodness name is Lee Ye-jin, and she had reported a report on August 12, 2009, according to the Palisades Park Police Department of New Jersey records. Her first name Ye, last name Lee, Palisades Park address, and date of origination were all recorded. 

She told the police that the scene took five days prior to the recording date, at around 3-6 a.m. while chatting with whom she acknowledged to be was her buddy of the same age, simply recognized by her last name Kim. 

Around then, Kim urged Ailee to send very nearly 50 naked photos of herself to the third individual using "CLG********" as a screen name and did all things considered without much suspicion, just to find later that Kim's Facebook record had been hacked, and that it was not her friendly that she was talking with. 

Kim proceeded to clear up that she had never asked for any naked photos to be sent wherever, and that her Facebook record had been hacked normally, driving her to change the mystery word four times. Thusly, Ailee sent her exposed pictures to an impostor. 

The substance of the police report basically support Ailee's organization org's case, as the police recommended her to delete all the photos from her PC and record another report with the Internet blackmail division. 

There have been reports of Ailee's pervasiveness truly extending since news of the shock first broke.

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