Ailee's Naked Nude Pictures (9 stripped photographs) Leak Online

Little doubt remains that Ailee just got herself got in one of the best shocks ever. 

The 24-year-old craftsman experienced youth in America and moved to South Korea to look for after her dreams of transforming into a singer. 

She rose to prominence from her hit-songs like ‘Heaven’ and ‘I'll Show You!’ It was surely going uncommonly well for the Korean fabulousness. That is until Naked Nude Pics (9 stripped photographs) of her leaked online. 

Without further ado Ailee's office, YMC Entertainment, is suing her ex, Daniel Lee, who works in allkpop. Ailee was purportedly auditioning for an unmentionables association, when they approached her for naked pics to become acquainted with body better. In the wake of finding that she had been duped, she went to Daniel who asked for the photos to safeguard her out with the situation. 

Yet no one is correctly sure what's going on, one thing's no ifs ands or buts. YMC is suing allkpop, and they're arranged to chop the media association down. 

From here on out, allkpop released a declaration saying that they were not the ones who had posted the first story.

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