Lee Tae-im and Yewon's Cursing Video Revealed - Video of Lee Tae Im and Yewon Conflict

A Video revealing the authentic scene of Lee Tae-im's ' Cursing Conflict' has been revealed after a month since the verbal showdown rose. 

A highlight entitled 'Lee Tae-im and Yewon's highlight' was traded on a web get-together board. It depicted the two on the arrangement of MBC's. 

In the revealed Video, Yewon is utilizing nice vernacular to Lee Tae-im as she authoritatively expressed so. Yewon at initially conversed with Lee Tae-im "Are you fresh?" as Lee Tae-im left from the water, yet after that, she is utilizing agreeable vernacular. 

Lee Tae-im said "I'm so cold. You ought to get in the water" and Yewon said "No chance" utilizing agreeable talk. 

Lee Tae-im then says, "You couldn't watch over it? You like audit another person do it?" and Yewon again coolly said "No, no". 

Yewon then asks Lee Tae-im, "Unni, you couldn't watch over me, right?" then Lee Tae-im says, "Why are you talking coolly?" and "Are you looking down on me?", "Why are you taking a gander at me with those eyes?" and began reprimanding at her. 

This highlight is as opposed to Yewon's case which imparted that she didn't talk tranquilly to the more arranged on-screen character. 

Exactly when the talk created, both sides discharged an affirmation, and Lee Tae-im bestowed her wish to withdraw from the show to take a rest.

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