PSY’s DADDY Music Video broke 50 million hits on YouTube

PSY’s "DADDY" MV on YouTube click-through rate has exceeded 50 million marks. The news came out many of the media and the fans attention.

From the specific point of view, PSY’s song "DADDY" hits in YouTube's total more than 5000 million times, the MV since December 1 release, just three days will be in the site's click rate exceeded 20 million times. Not only that "DADDY" more ranks in the US iTunes charts in the first seven; at the same time, the song more successfully entered the US Billboard (Billboard) HOT100, currently ranked No. 97.

PSY’s MV has been caused great repercussions in the United States, but the effect is more spread to global. "DADDY" ranked several countries’ largest music charts, and the MV more tied for first in the world rankings and K-POP chart verified PSY influence. In addition, PSY will bring new songs to record SBS music program "Inkigayo".

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